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Construction Staking & Site Layout

Precise construction staking is essential to ensure a successful construction project. The process of taking planned improvements and mapping them out on the site plays a fundamental role in the accurate design and construction of any project.

Depending on the current status of your project, or the actual nature of the work being performed, there are two different types of staking:


Rough Grade Staking

Defines location of proposed site improvements in relation to the final elevation grade. Generally used for roadways, slopes, parking lots and building outlines. This enables the contractor to grade and prepare the site for the next phase of work to be done.


Site Layout Staking

Final placement of the horizontal and vertical proposed improvements requires more precision. Starts with underground features (sewer, storm, water and electrical lines) then above ground (building corners, interior grid lines, fire hydrants, curb/gutter, walls/planters, catch basins and area drains) follows.

Providing construction staking services for a wide variety of projects.

Commercial/Industrial Buildings
Residential Homes
Road & Highway
Renewable Energy
Telecom Sites

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